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There are several ways to get to know a country. Package groups. Individually by travel guide. Or through personal tips. We would like to mark out the destinations of our European Tour through recommendations.

On this page you will find links and references to the five regions in which we have divided Europe in order to structure the destinations & recommendations. Destinations are the places we have already been able to visit and which we have described in detail.

Under Recommendations you will find the points suggested to us by our visitors. You can also give us a personal recommendation, which we will gladly publish after an examination and include in our travel plan if possible.

Regions in Destinations & Recommendations

Visited destinations in Destinations & Recommendations

The following list of posts are the ones we already visited in Destinations & Recommendations. Partly these are recommendations from you, partly of course your own discoveries.

All recommendations in Destinations & Recommendations

Here you can see all recommendations we received for Destinations & Recommendations so far, no matter if we visited them already or not.

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