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“Why wander far away …” we say to ourselves every time we read or see reports about world travelers. Many VanLife nomads regularly travel to distant countries. To other continents. Please understand us correctly: We also like pictures of islands in the South Seas and bears in Alaska’s wilderness. But we also think that the countries and regions directly in front of our doorstep offer a lot of beautiful things. Therefore we decided to do a European Tour.

To watch Karo and Phil repair broken car parts in South America. Watch Herman get shovelled free in the African desert. Exciting, no question. We have also subscribed to the channels and are eagerly waiting for new videos. But they regularly send us a cold shiver down our spines when we imagine that we would be in their place.

This is nothing (anymore) for us …

That doesn’t have to be, because over the last fifty+ years we have discovered how beautiful, interesting and alternating our homeland is. Although “homeland” includes not only the place, the region or the country where we live, but also the surrounding countries in Europe. So before we travel to other continents, we want to get to know our (direct) neighbors.

A European Tour is on the agenda

Visit all European countries. This idea is nothing new. Many others before us have already done so. We asked ourselves: How did they plan their route for their European Tour? Did they already have their main travel stages in mind? We want to be surprised and not visit the same tourist hot spots. That’s why we decided to rely on the experiences of those who live in the countries and regions or have already visited them.

We rely on your experience

That is why we collect the recommendations of all those who would like to share them with us. We consciously say “share” here, because when you give a recommendation, you also give a part of yourself. Your views. Wishes. Desires.

So if you would like to share one or more recommendations with us, you can do so anonymously with this form: Create your own recommendation

We (and those who will follow our European Tour) thank you for it 🙂

The preparations are running

As you have correctly recognized, we are not yet physically on tour, but mentally even more so.

The planning is running.

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