Generation X VanLife

Christa & Tom von Vaneration X

The VanLife topic has been increasingly present in the media for a number of years. Blogs, Vlogs, Instagram, YouTube. Videos and reports wherever you look. The free life with all its facets hits a nerve. The fact that the topic has reached the general public has been known since Michi and Thorben of Hippie-Trail visited Markus Lanz. But this nerve is not only to be found among the younger ones. Generation X also dreams of free travel. Generation X VanLifeVanLife 50+.

This virus has also caught us. Not only now. We are already infected for some time. But as long as the children (we have six) didn’t stand on their own feet, we couldn’t think of moving the focus of our lives to the Van. Now we are all ready to take this step. The van is there, the box for the Dogs is installed and we have more and more time for ourselves.

VanLife starts in the head

We want to show that Generation X VanLife is not only feasible up to the age of 35, and that it has many facets. It doesn’t have to be a self-built camper. It doesn’t just start when you get in the car and step on the gas. As soon as the first ideas and wishes for a (self-sufficient) life arise in your head, VanLife begins.

In principle, the older generations face the same challenges as the younger ones. In addition, there is the mental hurdle that one is closer to the end of working hours than to the beginning. Possibilities to build up a cushion for later are thinner sown than with 25. One thinks twice about whether one should not rather lie down in the garden like many others. But then it always comes to the same result: out of the question!

So we made ourselves comfortably on the way. Nothing hasty. Exactly: Generation X VanLife …

Since we feel very comfortable in the local regions and love nature, we decided to do a European tour. Because we also have a lot of beautiful nature.

Therefore we need destinations for every European country, which we can visit, which we don’t know yet and which we don’t want to choose from travel guides on the internet. Let’s be honest: Who knows the insider tips in Moldova?

We asked ourselves, who knows the interesting places of a country, a region, a city best? First of all probably those who live there. But also those who have already been there as visitors, because as a guest you often experience an unknown region more intensively and see things that not every local knows.

Therefore we hope for your advice. Your tips. Your recommendations.