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If one searches the Internet for the top destinations in Europe, then such from Eastern European countries lie quantitatively on one of the rear places (Tripadvisor, Voucher Wonderland). But only quantitatively, not qualitatively. Underestimated Eastern Europe!

Preferences for travel to other countries have grown historically. The eastern part of Europe was almost inaccessible to normal travellers for several decades. Therefore these countries naturally rank at the lower end of the popularity scale. But anyone who has ever taken a look beyond the conventional travel routes and destinations will be amazed at the diversity of the undiscovered East. A great advantage for nature lovers results from the long isolation: untouched nature.

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The following list of posts are the ones we already visited in Eastern Europe. Partly these are recommendations from you, partly of course your own discoveries.

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Here you can see all recommendations we received for Eastern Europe so far, no matter if we visited them already or not.

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