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2,800 menhirs. Between half a metre and four metres high. 40 hectares. Four kilometres long. 6,500 years old. These are the stone fields of Carnac in numbers. The largest megalithic plant in the world.

If you are interested in historical topics and are travelling to Brittany, you cannot avoid the Neolithic buildings. The several kilometres long rows of stone fields of Carnac are more than impressive. But not only the avenues of menhirs are unprecedented, also the numerous megalithic graves (dolmens) in the surroundings of the complex are worth a visit.

The remarkable complex is fenced in and can be visited in summer with a guide. For more information, visit the Prehistoric Museum in Carnac. It offers a journey through 450,000 years of human history from the Palaeolithic to the Gallo-Roman period.

Data Stone Fields of Carnac

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Location Stone Fields of Carnac

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